Mrs. Linda Breeze

Mrs. Linda Breeze has been employed by Bluford schools for the past 18 years. In her current role, she monitors and maintains the elementary computer lab. Everyday, every student in grades K-8 visit her. During this time, students have a wide range of interactive games and learning tools to choose from. Over the years, Mrs. Breeze has compiled a gallery of age appropriate learning sites for students.

Through the last 18 years, Mrs. Breeze has served as a classroom aide in the early childhood program and special education rooms, as well as serving as a 1:1 aide. Mrs. Breeze is so versatile in her capabilities that she even knows every stop on EVERY bus route. When a need arises for a sub bus driver, she rides along ensuring all of the students make it home safely.

Every year, Mrs. Breeze really looks forward to the first day of school. She shared, "I love to see how much the kids have grown and changes over the summer." In her spare time, Mrs. Breeze enjoys shopping, reading, and spending time with family. In the future, she would love to visit the Grand Canyon.

Mr. Bobby Herzing

Mr. Bobby Herzing has served the Bluford community for the past 22 years. He has been employed as the school counselor at the former Webber Township District and now the consolidated Bluford Unit #318. In addition to serving as the counselor, Mr. Herzing served as the Athletic Director for several years.

Mr. Herzing really enjoys working with the staff to help students achieve their goals. He helps coordinate the annual Alumni Scholarship Fish Fry each year. This event helps raise funds for student scholarships each year. Some of Mr. Herzing's fondest memories include when he sees students after high school. They often share with him how those scholarships helped them achieve their goal of earning a degree.

Outside of school, Mr. Herzing enjoys gardening as well as watching all kinds of sports. His favorite teams include the St. Louis Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats! He has a goal to travel and see as many states as he can.

Mrs. Barb Scheirbaum

This edition of, "Meet the Staff," is dedicated to Mrs. Barb Scheirbaum. Barb has worked with the Bluford (and former Webber) school district for the last 15 years. With the start of this school year, she moved into a full time position as a cook, so she now serves breakfast and lunch to students daily at Bluford schools.

Prior to working in the kitchen for BUSD #318, Mrs. Scheirbaum worked as a custodian for the former Webber Township High School. The favorite aspects of her job involve serving children and getting to know them in the process. In her spare time, Mrs. Scheirbaum enjoys reading, gardening, and fishing. She would also love to travel to Tennessee to visit Dollywood!

Mrs. Cindy Birkner

Mrs. Birkner began teaching at Webber Township High School in 1995. Over the last 24 school years, Mrs. Birkner has served in a variety of roles including teaching Special Education, science, gifted courses, and sponsoring numerous extra-curricular experiences for students. Mrs. Birkner also has taught science at the college level and frequently participates in other endeavors within the field of science. Most recently, she served as a Science Ambassador for the Center for Disease Control presenting on the Ebola virus. Mrs. Birkner also works to advance the profession through serving with the Illinois Science Teacher Association.

Through all of her varied experiences within the science field, Mrs. Birkner really enjoys helping students learn, face challenges, and succeed. Mrs. Birkner shared, "It is in guiding, not telling them so the learning and accomplishments are their own." Over the years, there have been many memorable moments for Mrs. Birkner but, one that stood out involved a former student returning to share how she had pushed them to succeed and be part of something bigger.

Outside of the school day, Mrs. Birkner loves to read, learn about history and science, take photographs, travel, and paint. Mrs. Birkner loves to travel the world!   

Ms. Lusby

Ms. Shanna Lusby started working with students at Bluford schools last school year.  She currently serves as a 1:1 special education aide as well as a lunchroom and recess supervisor.  Her varied roles allow her to interact with every student at BUSD #318!  

Ms. Lusby favorite aspects of her roles with the district include recess duty, helping kids 1:1 in the classroom, and working in the same school her own kids attend!  Though Ms. Lusby's career in education is short at this point, she has already found what she truly enjoys about the profession.  She shared, "Anytime I can help a child understand something is a good moment."

When she is not working with kids at school, Mr. Lusby loves to spend time with her family.  Thank you Ms. Lusby for helping students succeed at Bluford schools!


Ms. Rhonda Seibert

Ms. Seibert is in her first year with Bluford USD #318.  She joined the district as a first grade teacher.  Ms. Seibert joins our school district with 18 years of teaching experience across a wide range of grade levels.  She has previously taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, First grade, Third grade, junior high, and high school students in an Early Childhood program!  

Ms. Seibert's favorite parts of working in a school include working with the students everyday, watching the students grow and learn, and working with the families of students.  Throughout her career, Ms. Seibert has had many memorable moments but, one that she is most proud of is when a parent of a former student nominated her for the WCIA News Golden Apple Teacher Award and she was selected as the winner!

In her spare time, Ms. Seibert enjoys hiking, shopping, and spending time with her family.  A dream she has for the future is to visit the Galapagos Islands.

Ms. Seibert is already proving to be a wonderful addition to the Bluford school community.  We are thrilled to add another staff member who is student-centered and loves working with kids! 

Mrs. Ann Farley

Mrs. Farley serves the Bluford school community as a classroom aide and a substitute teacher. This school year marks her 24th year with the district! In addition to her duties throughout the school day, Mrs. Farley has volunteered for 20 years with various extra-curricular activities as her two daughters attended Bluford schools. Mrs. Farley loves working individually with students. She shared that her favorite part is, "helping students achieve success and become the best they can be."
Over the last 24 years, Mrs. Farley has numerous memorable experiences but, she is most proud of the students when they graduate. From there she enjoys watching them accomplish the goals they set for themselves.
In her spare time, Mrs. Farley enjoys spending time with her grandsons, Caleb (7) and Ben (3). She is also a St. Louis Cardinals fan and enjoys watching the games with her husband. In addition to that she likes going for walks and reading Nicholas Sparks books.
In the future Mrs. Farley would love to take an Alaskan cruise and visit Ireland with her family.
Thank you Mrs. Farley for you commitment to the youth within the Bluford school community over the last 24 years!

Mrs. Terri Helm

Terri Helm has been working with kids in the Bluford school district for 33 years. This school year marks her 34th year in education! Over those years, she has taught special education, 7th grade Language Arts and social studies, 8th grade, and has been a 4th grade teacher for the past nine years. Over that time, Mrs. Helm has served in many roles but, she truly loves teaching in the classroom. Her favorite moments are when students have, "the light bulb moment," when they figure out something they have been struggling to understand. In addition to all she does for students in the classroom, Mrs. Helm also helps maintain the school library. Mrs. Helm also serves as a chaperone with seventh and eighth grade students to our nation's capital. Over the years, she has taken over 150 students to Washington D.C. She shared, "it fills me with pride as the students get to see our war memorials and monuments. It is my hope that each student understands the sacrifices made by men and women that allow us to enjoy so many American freedoms."
Mrs. Helm's favorite moment of her career was when a former student visited to let her know how much of an impact she had on him. She loves to run into former students and learn about how they are succeeding in life.
In her spare time, Mrs. Helm is an avid reader. She shared, "my favorite books this summer were Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, The Other Einstein (about Albert Einstein’s wife, Mileva), and a biography titled The Other Mrs. Kennedy (about Ethel Kennedy)." She likes planting flowers, taking pictures of her kids and grand kids, decorating her house for Christmas, attending live musical and theatrical productions, vacationing with family, strolling through antique stores, and watching HGTV. A new passion for Mrs. Helm is working out. She has found that she truly enjoys going to the gym and working to become healthier and stronger."
Mrs. Helm has served the Bluford community for many years! Over those years, she has been instrumental in the positive development of many young people. Thank you Mrs. Helm for your dedication and service to our young people.